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International Experience



Born and raised in Australia, with over 25 years international experience. Financial and industrial experience in a wide range of sectors - machinery and robots, electronics, energy, agri-business, textiles and clothing, plastics and chemicals, banking and finance among others. I have worked in merchant banks, multinationals, national governments and international aid agencies, and industry associations, as economist, financial expert and consultant. In my professional career; I have successfully originated and/or executed numerous industrial deals in many countries (M&A, IPOs, structured finance vehicles etc)


Currently residing in Milan, northern Italy, for about 20 years, I have a deep knowledge of the industrial fabric in Italy and Switzerland. I hold a Bachelor of Economics (Honours ) degree from Sydney University, Australia, and a Master of Economics , Bocconi University, Milan, Italy.


Activities: Private Equity, Structured Finance, M&A , IPOs, Debt Creation Vehicles, tailor made finance solutions


I am co -founder and managing partner of Insubria Capital S.A, a financial boutique founded in 2008, involved in a wide range of financial activities (M&A, PE consulting)


Author of numerous articles on economics, finance, and industry

What can we do for you



Financial Consulting for companies, with particular emphasis on industrial SME's (small and medium size enterprises), including business plans, restructuring , marketing plans etc


Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory, including Initial Public Offers, Turnarounds, Spinoffs, and Expansion Capital


Private Equity Advisory. Secondary buyout advisory, fair valuations, deal structuring.


Temporary Management, in companies


Assistance in Internationalisation of companies, including search for foreign partners and company acquisitions. I have a wide range of contacts in partners and funds in many countries (USA, Netherlands, UK, Australia, Canada, Switerland, India, HK etc). Export partnerships and facilitations.


Scouting for inward investment. Search for investment opportunities in companies in Italy and Switzerland.


Debt restructuring for companies








Current activities

Economic and financial consulting and advisory, structured finance and M&A





Co- founder and managing partner of Insubria Capital S.A, involved in merchant banking activities


Economics contributor to online newspapers